Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maybe This Snowball Will Roll Down The Hill

There are many “When Will Gonzo Be Gone” betting pools floating around, and I haven’t been able to pick a date as of yet. I was going to go with this Friday, but that was before Bush blustered his way through a press conference yesterday, clearly annoyed at having his unitary executive power questioned and looking every bit the obstinate child ready to hold his breath until he gets his way. I’m glad now that I didn’t take Friday, because I’m starting to think Bush will keep Gonzales indefinitely, just out of spite.

Of course there will be the pressure from members of his own Party, especially those facing re-election next year, that could play a role, but remember, this is a man that just sent a surge of troops into the middle of the Iraqi civil war against the advice of just about everyone, including the commanders tasked with executing Bush’s disastrous war. When Bush digs in his heels, any reason he may have had to start with (which we all know wasn’t much) goes right out his flaring nostrils.

Now that Congress has decided to spit on Bush’s offer for a glorified coffee klatch with Karl Rove and Harriet Miers and instead go ahead and issue subpoenas, the real fireworks can begin. While keeping Gonzales on as Attorney General is a clear political loser for the President, he seems to think he’s got nothing to lose by playing a game of chicken with the Congress on the subpoenas, and I’m afraid he might be right, at least in the short term. The damage it will do his Party though, well, that’s another story altogether, one I’ll happily read each night at bedtime since it has such a happy ending.

One thing we know for sure, the Bushies are hiding something. There are missing emails, lies peddled to Congress, misleading and contradictory public statements, improper communications (arm twisting and probably illegal pressure) between Republican politicians and Prosecutors, some pretty pissed off former employees and a President that has exhibited over and over again his inability to (not to mention lack of interest in) dealing with public policy while simultaneously relishing in political battle, collateral damage be damned. This story has everything any good newsperson could possibly ask for! But then again, so have all the other scandals that have died on the vine.

I’ve heard some describe this confrontation as “a constitutional crisis”, and while I think that’s a little extreme at this point, I certainly hope it turns into that. What this country needs more than just about anything at this point, is a constitutional crisis with two opposing sides. For the last six years it has been a steady shredding of the constitution with very few paying attention to it, let alone doing anything substantive to stop it. A showdown between Congress and the White House could actually pique the interest of traditional media that loves a good scandal, especially one that has serial drama potential. I’d love to see reporters and television “news” shows delve into every detail of this fight the way they did with the death of Anna Nicole and her multiplying baby-daddies (only the most recent of the serial drama cases they’ve glommed onto for no apparent reason). In fact, it would be so good for our democracy that it’s virtually guaranteed not to happen. Cynical? Sure, but you’ve lived through the Bush presidency too, can you really say you blame me?


Anonymous Dale H said...

Another moon bat liberal making a mountain out of a molehill.

"Well, it's probably some of both. But what's really unfortunate here, both from the White House standpoint, as well as from the more important standpoint of what's best for the country, is the integrity of the Department of Justice is being used as a political football by the administration to prove who's the toughest hombre in all this. It's very unfortunate. And I'm not really sure that the administration has chosen the best line in the sand to draw here, so to speak.

Congress clearly has a right to inquire into the running of the Department of Justice, to inquire into the integrity of the process of hiring and firing U.S. attorneys, notwithstanding the fact that that that is technically a prerogative of the president. And rather than fight this, the administration really ought to be going out of its way to do what prior administrations have done, such as the Bush I administration and Reagan administrations, and that is take whatever steps are necessary to assure the American people that the integrity of our justice system has not been compromised."

Bob Barr blasted the administration over the Alberto Gonzales/US attorney firing scandal and he's no liberal. As a matter of fact he served as a US attorney under Ronald Reagan in the Northern District of Georgia (1986-90).

5:11 AM  
Anonymous david said...

The Washington Post tells the story today of one Justice Dept team leader, Sharon Eubank, who said AG Gonzales' office went out of their way to weaken their case against the tobacco industry. Including making her read word for word a typed closing argument that these politicos had rewritten.

It seems this White House has confused the Oval Office with NYC's old Tammany Hall. Boss Bush and his cronies have been handing out pork and 'fixing' things just fine until somebody squealed. With the corruption now out in the open, it's good to see more people have the courage to speak out.

That's why proper oversight is so important.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous david said...

The Iraq Redeployment Act passed the House today. But it was close. 218-212. It's a cleverly worded plan that calls for redeployment to begin July 1, 2007 if things don't show improvement and if targets haven't been met by Oct 1, with all troops to be redeployed by Aug 2008.

The Bill passed about the same time Defence Sec Gates was saying it's true that the US has no troops ready for any new emergency.

Those who wanted to be more progressive in ending this war have to understand it's a bit like sailing. Only when the wind is behind you can you sail straight on, otherwise you need to zigzag to go forward. This is a positive first step. Bush threatens to veto it.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

I think Howard Zinn spoke clearly in what he said: "Timetables for withdrawal are not only morally reprehensible in the case of a brutal occupation (would you give a thug who invaded your house, smashed things up, and terrorized your children a timetable for withdrawal?) but logically nonsensical."

Pelosi and the 110th Congress did exactly as they were told - they sold American troops "down the river," so to speak.

It's all about money, power and the ignorance of so called leaders.

The current US Nazi occupation has every intention of destroying our own military: (1) figure out why there are so many "secret detention centers" in the USA contracted by Halliburton and, the Posse Comitus Act gone; plus (2) WAR IS a privatization racket ~ "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army By Jeremy Scahill" ~ Cindy Sheehan is experiencing "white rage" from reading this book. The Nation has an incredible review of the book, well worth reading.

At Lew Rockwell, Robert Higgs who is senior fellow in political economy at the Independent Institute and editor of The Independent Review said: "The Criminal Gang Called Government" and he points out all the "pork" in the DEM bill that is supposedly such a great thing according to moveon and this is a travesty. Moveon isn't political, but citzenry, so why are they supporting the government? They're supposed to be the "watchers," so what happened?

Now is not the time to give the DEMS carte blanche trust.

Kucinich just spoke in London as the "US Peace President" running in 2008, and


Congressman Ron Paul is determined to bring our Republic back to the Constitution that it was founded on and part of his agenda is to shut down the Federal Reserve System.

Watch the video ~

It's by far the best video about our money system - view the trailer and please support the artist, Paul Grignon by spreading the word and purchasing his money video to watch again and again and then pass it on. includes more information on money and the global economic collapse on our horizon.

We MUST STOP all the criminals and this includes DEMS as well as REPUBS - "there's not a dimes worth of difference."

2:24 PM  
Anonymous david said...

Dear me. rkelly has taken off his tin foil hat and is talking gibberish.

Why is a withdrawal timetable reprehensible? The government of Iraq has to take charge and it would be more reprehensible to pull a British Empire and pull out at midnight and let one faction kill another until the border was settled.

I love the bill Congress passed. It has three parts. Pull begins if no progress made by July 1st, pull out begins if benchmarks not met by Oct 1st, and pullout must begin regardless next March.

The great farce for the Bush administration is that they never intended the present Iraqi government to actual govern. Maliki whines about being told what to do and how to do it by the White House. He clearly isn't doing the Will of the Iraqi People.

The beauty of the present bill is that it puts pressure on the White House to prove its case as of July 1st. And just as Gonzales has proven to be a liar about the US Attorneys, Bush will have to decide to come clean about these so-called benchmarks.

I am a Socialist. But I don't put up with flakes or Marxist-Leninists or utopian fantasists. I don't buy into any old conspiracy theory just because they're a conspiracy. Greed is pretty easy to define. And Greed is what runs Rupert Murdoch and George Bush.

As a Canadian, I can only laugh anc chuckle at the fate of fellow Canadian Conrad Black. If you don't know why, check out: Naomi Klein's Class War in Conrad's Court.

BTW, The Democratic Presidential candidates held their first forum, on health care, today. Again, as a Canadian, I cannot urge you Americans strongly enough to accept the Canadian model. Our system works. It has been under siege the past decade because of AMA lobbyist and HMOs trying to sink it. Governments have made massive cuts to our health care budgets even though we spend far less per capita than Americans. Conservatives have tried to break our system. But "for profit" health care is the sickest scam there is. It's like charging for clean air and clean water. It's just wicked.

4:09 PM  
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