Thursday, August 09, 2007

Liberals Give Democrats A Good Name

On the heels of what I wrote about earlier today, here is a perfect example of what the Democratic Party can be, with a little help from the left. Darcy Burner is running for Congress in Washington’s 8th district and she is exactly what this country needs in the fight to take our country back from the inside the beltway, establishment politicians that run it now. In her newest campaign ad she takes on the Democratically controlled Congress and their inexplicable capitulation to Bush/Cheney yet again on the FISA bill.

Clearly Darcy Burner is no tool of the Democratic Party (check out these comments by Darcy on the FISA bill) and given the chance, will fight for us, even if that means taking on her fellow Democrats. Thanks Darcy, my hopefulness about the future of this country is buoyed yet again.


Blogger Miss Welby said...

ciao, i'm a european girl next door :)
you have a nice liberal blog, fancy exchanging links?

5:30 AM  
Anonymous George said...

One explanation for the "inexplicable" is that Democrats are politicians who are likely next in line to take advantage of the power grabbing precedents set by Bush. He has lowered the bar for all future political behavior by showing what a complacent citizenry will accept.

6:01 PM  
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