Monday, November 21, 2005

Chuck Hagel Watch

Some of you may think I am crazy for my seemingly outlandish ideas about Chuck Hagel being primed to be our next selected President, but I am seeing more and more evidence of the selling of President Hagel. I believe that the neo-cons with the help of the MSM are getting ready to put another of their own in office. For all of the hugs and kisses John McCain has showered on our President, I don’t think for a second he is going to get the support that I’m sure he has been promised. The Republican power brokers know that the country is in the mood for a change and unless they are willing to concede to a Democrat, they know they need a strong leader on their side who will stand up to the wrongdoing in their own party, thus the selling of Chuck Hagel as the maverick Republican candidate. McCain may still hold the title amongst the people, but Johnnie Boy is already being marginalized by his party and the media and Hagel is poised to take his place.

Sunday, Eleanor Clift wrote an opinion piece about Jack Murtha and his stand against the White House but also featured prominently is none other than Sen. Hagel. To hear Eleanor tell it, Chuck is every bit the hero that Murtha is in this fight with the White House. And last week the Washington Post printed an entire article presenting Hagel as the renegade Republican standing up for Americans and their right to speak out against the war. Don’t be surprised when Hagel gets much of the credit for the inevitable pull out of our troops from Iraq.

With the MSM firmly entrenched in their “fair and balanced” style of reporting, presenting two supposedly opposing sides as if that covers the spectrum of opinion, look for Hagel to be the dissenting voice of the Republican Party, leaving poor John McCain without the camera time he’s used to. I would feel sorry for McCain, but he made his deal with the devil and while he may hold up his end of the bargain, I’m afraid it will end up being a one-way street. He should have known that the devil should never be trusted.

However much I would like to believe that Chuck Hagel is the real deal, my common sense tells me to be skeptical. All evidence points to Hagel being a man on the inside, with his financial interest in ES&S still not completely severed and his miraculous win for his Senate seat from Nebraska (conducted on his own companies voting machines no less), I cannot believe that he is as independent as the MSM makes him out to be. Only time will tell and in the mean time, I will continue to point out what I see as the selling of President Hagel and the idea that “A vote for Hagel, is a vote for change”, don’t you dare believe it for a second.


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