Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The war in Iraq is once again front-page news as the American people voice their concern over the deteriorating situation there and the growing sense that there is no victory possible. The Bush administration can beat the dead horse of “stay the course” but no one is listening, what little news we do get out of Iraq doesn’t jive with the rosy picture painted by Bush and company and the gap between their reality and ours is growing exponentially by the day. I can’t help but wonder, what happens now?

Polls show the public wants a withdrawal of our troops as soon as humanly possible although there is no real consensus as to what that means exactly. Bush erroneously believes that our lack of resolve can be exploited in order to serve his own purposes, which only he truly understands. I imagine that for him, it is a matter of posterity and his refusal to accept the place in history he is earning for himself with each lost soldier and every wasted dollar thrown at this tragedy of his own making.

We are funding a war by leveraging our children’s future while each of us struggles to make ends meet in an economy being devastated by our hemorrhaging of money and jobs as a result of Bush’s follies around the globe and his inattention to the serious business of running our country. And in all of this mess, we the people are finding it more and more difficult to see ourselves as right when it comes to this war, and increasingly easier to imagine we may be wronging the people of Iraq. It is not just about public support for the war, but about how we view ourselves as Americans.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we have never been the best global citizens but there was a veneer of goodness that we could cling to when faced with evidence of our misdeeds. When the Iran-Contra scandal entered the public consciousness we were allowed to be angry and repulsed by what was done in our name, for it was done in secret and in direct violation of our laws. We were not culpable because we were shielded from the truth. But the veneer has been ripped away by this administration, laying bare our sins and forcing the public to come to terms with how we must now see ourselves. Watching Jack Murtha’s struggle to own his part in this war is a mirror held up to the American people. As a country, we must accept what we have done before we will ever be able to move forward. Which again leaves me asking, what now?

Much of the debate about which course to take in Iraq has centered around our feuding leaders, which makes sense considering they are the ones with the authority to change our policies, but wars are not ended by the policy makers really, they are ended when the people refuse to support it. We didn’t leave Vietnam because Congress and the White House together decided it was the best course of action, our soldiers came home because the people had had enough.

I don’t pretend to know how we go about getting our country back, but I do know that we must try. In all likelihood we have three more years left to suffer under the thumb of the Bush administration, for as much as I would like to believe that a constitutional remedy for this crisis of leadership is on the horizon, I do not have the necessary faith in our elected officials to do right by the American people. Therefore it is up to us to convince those around us that the sky IS falling, we really have reached that point. Wedges have been driven between us by our leaders because that serves their purposes, so in response we must get closer, closer to each other, closer to the truth and hopefully closer to an end to this nightmare. We are living in the information age, so let’s use the tools that we have at our disposal to spread the facts amongst our friends, family and neighbors. Maybe we, the people, will be able to reach the consensus that seems to elude our public servants in Washington at every turn.


Anonymous rkelly said...

I become discouraged and depressed, when I read that Karl Rove is still up to all his dirty tricks. He was a keynote speaker at the Federalist Society, just this past week. And, of course, he was praising the efforts of those who head the Society, for the packing of the courts with crazies like Roberts and next, Alito. The Federalist Society was applauding Karl as though he was/is the Fuhrer, himself! Hmmm, maybe reincarnation is a reality.

My hope is, that these lunatics are not lining up, to create the police state which is projected to take over, when the enema reality of Peak Oil wakes US the hell up.

It is perfectly clear to me that anything coming out of the mouths of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice, Powell, et al., should be listened to carefully. Then, anything they say must be considered in the context of practical. This means, simply, have they been correct, yet? NO, well then, we do exactly the opposite of anything they say to do, obviously, this is the US key to succeed.

I agree, what's next?

8:13 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

Mr. Barak Obama has taken a stand against the war and he is also running his platform on energy.

I sent him this email regarding his speech --

Dear Mr. Obama:

First, let me say that when you spoke at the Democratic Convention, I was moved to tears.

Now, I want to say that this family of artists has begun to focus our intention and attention into ENERGY SELF-RELIANCE.

And, it isn't our first time to become ecologically conscious, conservationists, and environmentalists.

We have known about "Hubbert's Peak," since 1972. However, that was 33 years ago now and we are further behind globally and in our country's readiness, today, than in 1972.

This is tragic.

Colin Campbell and the experts of ASPO are telling the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. www.peakoil.net

Colin Campbell says to not support any politician unless they are running their platform on ENERGY. Thus, when I awakened at my early hour this a.m. and found you running your platform on ENERGY, I again, was moved to tears.

FINALLY! an honest politician who has the courage to stand up and be heard and the truth is coming from deep in your conscience, to US.

US as only 5% of the population of the planet EARTH and yet, abusing 25% of its resources, offering human sacrifices in exchange for energy, is not acceptable. The US has been sending human beings to die for our addiction to petro and other fossil fuel resources for far too long. And, all the while there is renewable, sustainable, energy self-reliant resources such as: Harvesting rain, solar, wind, H2O, powers - it is time to wake-up as citizens of the universe and STOP behaving, as silly, superstitious, unconscionable murderers, as though there is a separation of species homo-sapiens!

Please let us know how we can help. In our own local geography we are creating works of art in the forms of posters and postcards, and mailing them to provide networking opportunities for Energy Self-Reliance. www.atelier3151.com/donald and www.godsmadmen.com

Now, I must tell you Mr. Obama - you are wrong to not support Mr. Murtha, 100%.

My father was a POW in WWII. He was only 22 years old and it was his first mission over Germany and his B52 Bomber was shot down. He spent the rest of the war in a POW camp and he was tortured.

He was also a pilot in the Korean War and he was decorated for having more Huey helicopter hours in the Vietnam War, than any other pilot. He set up the secret service bases across Vietnam and Thailand, in 1965 and 1966.

He flew Huey helicopters for Air America, the years of 1967 through the 1970s.

My father was “damaged goods” as my paternal grandmother said to me. This was when she was consoling me after my father had punished me, at the age of 5, by “spanking” me with a razor strap.

Men, women, children, are not made for WAR. Mr. Murtha and others like him, know this is the truth.

My father is now in dementia senility, but before he slipped into this state, earlier in this year 2005, he was disgusted at this Administration’s group of men who have never been to war, but waged a war as though it is “playing a game.”

War is no game. You do NOT set time lines, time tables, or numbers of withdrawals, if you have no experience in doing this. Just as no one should ever wage a war without a genuine predator.

During the summer of 1967, I visited my father in Saigon, Vietnam.

The most horrible experience of my life occurred there and it burns in the picture book of my memory, to this day, as though I am gazing my physical eyes upon the visual reality, in front of me, right now.

Children who are maimed and/or physically handicapped in war, are a reflection of the abomination, of insane leaders, who think that they can ignore the sins of war. Small torsos, and once where arms and legs grew, are badly amputated stumps. Because they still must move about, the stump appendages are bloody. There is this smell that causes one to wretch involuntarily. These poor little souls prop themselves up against inanimate objects; and, holding a tin cup in their mouths they howl a sound that chills the blood and shivers the soul.

This is only one small story of war, that I witnessed. I was only a 19 year old civilian and I saw the horror of war, first hand. The young men of the Vietnam War, as you know, is only a story of tragedy. I witnessed the boys, my age, instead of being at the university like me, were killing for reasons of insanity.

Thus, what Mr. Murtha has seen, in the suffering of native peoples in their land, where they have been preyed upon, by men who either want their resources or just want a legacy - and all the human life being used as disposable commodities - US military, is NOT something YOU or I, can ever understand, at our current level of consciousness, in this point in time.

The war in Iraq is an insane violation of human beings, and each and every life that is spent for "energy" is unjustified.

Therefore, Mr. Obama, please do not oppose Mr. Murtha and do not think for a moment that power without wisdom (experience) does not corrupt, we have proof of this in our current administration.

Every human being in the US should be following Mr. Murtha’s platform against the war because he understands and knows what the hell he is doing and that’s and understatement!

Thank you for your courage. Roberta Kelly www.atelier3151.com/roberta

postscript: Have a restful time-out, over the next four and five days. It is tough for me to think of holidays when these times are anything but holidays for those who are killing, being killed and suffering as human beings instead of celebrating. So, I refrain from ANY wishing people happy holidays. We should all be holding silent vigils during these dark days for those who can only cry for the losses of loved ones. /rk

7:27 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

Oops, Mr. Barack Obama (sorry for the misspell)

7:38 AM  

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