Friday, November 25, 2005

The News May Be Bad, But The Messengers Are Great

Just a quick roundup of my favorite articles this week. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading them already, I highly recommend you take the time.

For an insightful look at the most recent election in Ohio and the unbelievable difference between pre-election polls and the official results, read Robert C. Koehler’s Poll Shock.

One of my favorites this week was an unusual fantasy solution to our current crisis of leadership by Peter Lee, Bush and Cheney Hit The Bricks…McCain and Kerry in 2006.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich shrinks the Zarqawi myth down to size in his blog entry for The Huffington Post, The Specter of a Zarqawi Takeover Is As False As Saddam’s Mushroom Cloud.

And the ever amazing Bernard Weiner gives a warning of what Bush’s deteriorating leadership and lack of ability to hold it together may mean for the rest of us in Extreme Bush: The Good, Bad & Ugly.



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