Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh Yeah?!?!... Well, I'll Kick Your Ass Next Time.

Guest post by Man of American Dissent

Is anyone really able to take John Kerry seriously anymore? What with all the Special Political Action Messages he keeps sending out in an effort to remain relevant and now this regarding the Swift Boat Crew. John Kerry says he’s “prepared to kick their ass from one end of America to the other“.

He sounds like the kid with the black eye and the torn shirt who got the snot beat out of him on the playground after school, making the in vain pronouncement that he’ll beat up the bully next time. You should have been prepared to kick their ass the first time, but instead you allowed them to inflict permanent scars on you, John. Your dress whites still bear the stains from the Rovian slime-o-matic and it’s really quite unbecoming for you to pretend that they’re not.


Anonymous N. Mallory said...

When he voted the second time for the Patriot Act, I set my email filters to put his email directly into the trash bin.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Betty Cracker said...

I believe Kerry got screwed in Ohio. However, it was only possible because Kerry was such a lousy candidate -- a halfway decent contender would have made it impossible for an incompetent, proven failure of an incumbent idiot like Bush to make it close enough to steal.

If the Dems nominate Kerry again, we'll be watching President John McCain and Vice President Jeb Bush (gag) inaugurated in 2008.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous david said...

And yet why do attack ads work in America? Why do the mainstream media turn on politicians who sue for libel or slander?

The Swiftboaters should have been crucified in the press as being vicious liars. But they were held up as legitimate critics of Kerry, even after audiotape of the chief Swiftboater was released where he told then-President Nixon he had served in Cambodia.

Kerry's problem is hyper-caution, and most key democrats end up suffering from this. His record shows a very competent and hard-working Senator. However, this hyper-caution to the point of dullness and defeatism can be seen in academia where no one seems able to write a direct statement or hold a definite opinion without a string of qualifiers, citations, and explanatory notes.

And so we see liberal Democrats as victims of America's intellectual cannibalism. The Mrs Grundys of the media devour every statement that strays into uncharted territory. Alas! When did America become so intellectually dull and predictable?

11:57 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Messenger said...

Great post as usual, LGND.

I'd like to offer a little personal insight which some of you may or may not agree with though.

I'm pleased that citizens and pundits alike have finally awakened to the deceptive policies put into practice by Dubya.

They've resulted in much death and destruction for not only our own soldiers but many innocent Islamic civilians the past five years.

However, Olbermann and the media are only speaking up now because they know Republican poll ratings are so low. They're trying to salvage their reputations and boost public regard for themselves by offering alternative viewpoints which reflect disdain for the media and one party politics in general. It's a shame K Street politicians haven't realized this yet either.

People shouldn't taken them seriously. Nothing will change if all they do is continue to talk about foreigh policy failures rather than the many domestic crisis which Americans face.

For example, senior citizens have been impacted by a disasterous Medicare prescription plan enacted into law on behalf of the pharmacutical lobby. It leaves a huge gap in coverage known as the "Dougnut Hole" which requires seniors to pay full price once they exceed $2000 in costs.

Recently, "The Campaign For America's Future," initiated an online campaign to pressure Congress to resolve the problem so seniors won't be burdened with unfair costs for their drugs. It includes an Email drive and a contest with You Tube to submit the best video illustrating the problems seniors face.

Visit the link here: Doughnut Hole

This concern and others such as standing up for women's equality will do more to drive people to the polls in November than dwelling on war and terrorism. Those are important concerns but what people want most is to force Congress to resolve their domestic pocket book issues.

For more on how women have been abused by this Administration and Congress read my latest Column, What Do Women Want ?

Don't fall into the trap set by Bush, Cheney, Rove Rumsfeld and the corporate media which is to keep the public discussing Iraq and terrorism.

Show them you won't play their game and force them to address the domestic needs of Americans.

As Always,

12:17 PM  
Anonymous kindlingman said...

Yes, Kerry was, and is, a poor choice.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous RK said...

Kerry was 100% on purpose. He was nothing more than a diversion. Now it's perfectly obvious. Even the Swift Boat drama was from our ruler's intelligence propaganda machine, the CIA, et al.

It appears that there were lots of deals cut in the international financial marketplace and it had to do with ALL the global criminal "governments" and examining our twin the UK --- observe how many more liberties they've lost (far more than the US - thus far that is), and the pattern is clear.

Our voting system was corrupted on purpose. The criminals in the White House are on purpose. Those who rule, "them" with the deepest pockets needed a criminal enterprise to wage the full spectrum dominance which is a "world revolution" as it is called in the international marketplace of finance.

There is an interesting story by a British Intelligence Analyst named Christopher Story -FRSA, and it tells the tale of the default by the USA of a mere $71 trillion, to a Ambassador Leo Wanta - has anyone looked at the number of our "national debt" lately? Hmmm, this number of $71 trillion is beginning to make people stand up and be heard, for example, is anyone curious about Powell finally speaking over the Administration as a spokesman for the US and our "moral reflection to the international community?"

". . In the afternoon of Tuesday 12th September 2006, a financial sector supporter of The Wanta Plan, which was the main topic of conversation behind the scenes at the G-8 Summit in St Petersburg back in July, telephoned the White House and was put through to the West Wing.

Three people were parties to the telephone call, which was recorded, and the West Wing official remains in place. This is what he told the caller:

• This Administration will not be pressured into doing anything until it's Goddam ready.

• It will be done on our timeframe and when we're ready.

• Okay, so we have destroyed the Full Faith and Credit of the United States. Who cares?

• We can do as we Goddam please. We aren't here to serve the people. The people are our servants. There is nothing anyone can do to stop us stealing all the money. Period.

• What's all this BS about the Rule of Law? We aren't here to uphold the law. We have put Alberto Gonzales in the Department of Justice to ensure that we can flout it indefinitely. He's doing a great job, fulfilling his brief. The President and the Treasury Secretary are delighted with him.

• Demagoguery is our privilege."

5:24 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Messenger said...

Could you provide a URL source link for the phone call exchange you cite, RK ?

They're pretty serious but without credible documentation no one in the Blogosphere will consider them less than self-serving propaganda.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous david said...

RK, I understood Willie Wonka or Leo Wanta or whoever it was you mentioned was just some loony rightwing conspiracy theory invoking the Illuminati, the Clintons, and such. It's all largely made up nonsense.

Senator Kerry did do excellent work exposing the criminal activity at the BCCI, which was a real international conspiracy involving laundered money, crooks, and spies. Alas, no albino monks or direct descendant of Christ. Otherwise it might have made Kerry more popular.

I thought it was very brave of Kerry to quote the Epistle of James during the debates. The Christian Fundamentalists loathe James and those lines about "Good Works". Luther himself is said to have ripped the pages of the epistle out of some Bibles so obsessed was he with Justification by Faith Alone.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous RK said...

Leon Smith, Editor-In-Chief of the LoneStar Iconoclast (hometown newspaper in Crawford, Texas) sent me the link and I followed through in checking reference points for him. I’ve been a sort of quasi-investigator for Leon, off and on, for a number of years -

I realize the seriousness of the implication and I'm not one who is easily misled by propaganda. Furthermore, why wouldn’t these guys make Ambassador Leo Wanta a “nut” and it’s nothing more than a “conspiracy theory?” Yes, let’s believe the good guys in Washington and most certainly Kerry is a good guy - isn’t he??

John Kerry is a "Bonesman." These members do as they are told to become a "President."

Trusting a bonesman is like inviting a huge flesh and blood eating reptile into one's intimacy.

Yale, Harvard, "Skull & Bones," were all created mostly from the money that was ill gotten through the illegal opium trade. China's infrastructure was corrupted by the opium smugglers.

Henry is a scholar of the highest order and he tells the truth, whole truth, etc.

At prisonplanet one can expect to be frightened out of one's skin, but at the same time it "sets us free."

The largest Swiss newspaper has today, 09/18/06, stepped up to charge Bush & Co. with 9/11, by way of "asking questions" to be answered. It’s at

FINALLY, the international community is stepping up to stop this insane group of mass murdering, counterfeiting crooks, thieves, robber barons and the obvious -

hate and contempt for humanity especially those of "color," but of course the ruling elite must be in control of planet Earth because they are, after all, chosen by God.

Self righteous indignation and self entitled narcissists.

A leading economist in Germany, William Engdahl has written a great who done it book in the fashion of a world economist. Fascinating.

It’s over for the Bush Cabal and hopefully this stops his family’s legacy for more than 150 years. It began with Mr. Prescott and Mr. F.T. Bush, Esq. of Hong Kong, their ties with Russell & Co. Opium Smuggling Company, around 1875-1878, or thereabouts.

The Bush Crime Family has been at this for a long time. Daddy G.H.W. is the culprit who set up the intelligence of the CIA, et al., which has been basically the hidden arm for the illegal drug trade and this has kept the family in power to continue their “full spectrum dominance” with the Rockefeller family and its “one world government.”

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. set up OPEC with his father-in-law Senator Aldrich. These two men were totalitarians and the monopoly of OPEC set the stage, so to speak, for this time of "globalization."

Henry C.K. Liu tells all and he names names.

Study the globalization at

Connecting the dots of the Trilaterals, CFR, etc.

Don’t trust the Clintons, they are 100% in with G.H.W., Rockefeller, etc.

It is the current GOOD REPUBLICANS who we can thank for standing up to these “lunatics on the grass.”

I've never seen Hillary or Bill do what they "should-of, could-of, and now perhaps would" because they play the game so well. Carter is as much of a Constitution and Bill of Rights cannibal as the Clintons, et al.

Please make no mistake about it, anyone who is a Trilateral Member - whether Democrat or Republican, they do NOT have the best interest of any commoner as anything more than fodder for their goal(s).

Profit is their god and they will destroy anything and everyone to continue seeking this profit to prove to their hungry ghost within that god loves them most of all.

Well, their god anyway.

Luther Burbank called himself an "infidel" and yet he was one of the greatest saints of America.

We must all become well educated about globalization because without this intelligence as our information stream, We the People are still just mushrooms to be fed the shit by Murdock, Buffett, et al. -- all TRILATERALS.

G. Edward Griffin -- real solutions to this mess. We are today witnessing the coming birth of our new Nation.

All the best,

9:41 AM  
Anonymous david said...

So, RK, after I've made ten copies of your screed and mailed them to ten friends with instructions to do same, how long do I wait before my first million dollars comes rolling in?

9:53 AM  
Anonymous RK said...


Are you kidding at a time like this?

Or are you as Einstein said:

"I'm no genius, I'm merely extremely curious."

Your actions shall tell the tale, therefore, I suggest you be your own judge of superstition or fact(s).

9:56 AM  
Anonymous applogic said...

RK, William Engdahl is nothing more than an economic journalist and not a "leading economist" as you wrote. But that's probably the way a quasi-investigator has to do his job, right?

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What surprises me it that anyone could have taken Kerry seriously in the first place. The permanent scars you refer to were self-inflicted when Kerry turned traitor on his country. You know, the same way he earned his purple hearts. His dress whites are stained all and yellow.

6:48 AM  

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