Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Does The Bush Administration Know Of Moderation?

Bush calling on moderates to come together to help solve the critical problems in the Middle East is a joke! This is arguably the most rightwing, authoritarian, borderline (that’s for those of you who balk at this next word when applied to American leadership) fascist administration in the history of this country, there is nothing moderate about them, how could they possibly call for moderation from the rest of the world when all they export is extremism?

Is there anything moderate about altering Common Article III of the Geneva Conventions to allow for the torture of prisoners? Is there anything moderate about preemptively invading a sovereign nation for the first time in American history? Is there anything moderate about running roughshod over our Constitution and spying on American citizens and locking them up without due process? We have seen some pretty extreme behavior from this administration, just because the lapdog press hasn’t challenged them on much of anything, doesn’t make it any less shocking. How many more hypocritical lectures from this President must we endure?

I was glad to see Countdown’s Keith Olbermann take on the President’s tirade from last Friday, you know, the one where Bush tells us that we aren’t allowed to even think about moral equivalency or dare to question our behavior around the world when it comes to this never ending war on terror. Bush’s poll numbers must be even lower than what is being reported if MSNBC is willing to allow Olbermann to speak to the President like this. Obviously GE sees that there is money to be made by throwing some red meat to the masses that are now overwhelmingly turning against this President.

I am often afraid to contemplate what this band of thugs will do when their backs are up against the wall. Everything is political for the Bush administration and anything is fair play in politics. Wars will be used to bolster poll numbers, fear will be used to maintain control and violence will be used to influence elections. The world’s problems will have to wait because there’s a midterm election to win. Nothing that happens between now and then will be accidental and everything will have a political purpose, whether it’s dropping bombs on Iran or an increase in terrorist activity. This administration will claw and scratch, plot and lie, cheat and steal if that’s what it takes, because the alternative is real oversight and investigations into the crimes already committed. With their backs against the wall, we best prepare for the worst.


Anonymous david said...

I just read the transcript of Bush's speech to the UN. And I read the NYTimes commentary which seemed positive with the mild observation that Bush appeared "stiff" while sitting next to Jacques Chirac.

Is it just me or did that speech sound a lot like those Hollywood movies where the whiteman talks pigin English to the Indian tribes and offers to bury the hatchet and smoke a peace pipe?

And does Bush not get the UN? He kept addressing the people of Iraq, Iran, and Syria and telling them that their problems were all their governments' fault while making what I took to be veiled threats.

I can't wait to read Mr. Ahmadinejad speech. It's bound to be more interesting.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

No need to apologize for using the word fascist when referring to Bush. Google the 14 characteristics of fascism by Laurence Britt and read through them. When you are finished reading through them tell me that it is not happening right here, right now.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Google searches, you should type in the the word "failure" and the first item that pops up is George Bush's biography.

This is no joke ... do it yourself if you don't believe me.


5:46 PM  
Anonymous david said...

Well, I was right. Ahmadinejad's speech was quite an eyeopener. And well worth watching or reading. Check it out at United Nations' speakers list.

He puts forth the Arab position quite clearly. He neither denies nor confirms what he's doing with nuclear technology, but points out that the US has damned his government without due process. He brings up the agression of the USA & UK in Iraq and wonders where is the UN agency one can turn to when one has a complaint against the USA? Who, he asked, can make the world's superpower accountable?

He also called for UN reform to add new permanent members with veto power to represent the Arab world, the Non-aligned nations, and the African Union.

And interesting speech. Important because it will be seen as just as populist in the Muslim world as Bush's will be seen in the Mid-West. Ahmadinejad is not nearly as nutty as he's been presented in the press --leastwise, no nuttier than Mr Bush.

Brazil's Lula spoke just before Bush, and he gave a rousing speech on world poverty and the failure of the Developed countries to address it. France's Chirac was still hinting at a shift away from the Bush/Blair consensus. And the King of Jordan didn't sound too pleased with the West.

I love the UN. I know America's "can-do" attitude makes it restless in that talking factory, but how does anyone expect to know what the world is really like without talking to people?

And it was an exciting opening session. Thailand's premier seems to be without a country to lead. Hungary is rioting over its leader who, in the last election, lied to it "morning, noon, and night".

Tomorrow, the amazing Hugo Chavez gets to speak. He's really very charismatic. And the media in America always needs to be reminded that Chavez was elected and he does allow free speech in his country. (Which can't be said of every country.)

8:10 PM  
Anonymous W.D.Russell said...

George 'Freedom Farts' Bush says that they will be known as 'freedom tortures'.
I will give the GOP credit for one huge success(for them anyway). Thanks to the very compliant news media. They have managed to move center over to the John Birch Society. Anybody to the left of that commits treason.

8:40 AM  

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